The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

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n.( dôrk): someone who is slow-witted and socially-inept, completely fails to get really cool stuff. If the dork is aware that they are a dork, then it’s funny. If not, then it’s painful to watch. Often confused with Nerd and Geek but they are not the same. Dorks are at the bottom of the  GND hierarchy.

Shit happens

(idiom) (1) bad things happen as part of life and cannot be prevented; (2) applicable to all cultures: read more [....]


(n.): rustically inclined individual who owns a home that is mobile and five cars that aren't


(adj.) the state of being fucking ugly

Kim Kardeshian

(n.) A low IQ reality television personality, socialite, self-declared celebrity, true definition of hideousness, and ex-pornstar

We need to talk

I need to complain

Bless your heart

(phr.) you're dumb or otherwise impaired, but you can't help it


(adj.) Sarcastic laugh


(v.) the time you realize how much money you wasted on expensive beer.

It would take too long to explain

(phr.) I have no idea how it works


(emo.) Butt


(n.) Something that one has to get in order to get it.

Good try

(phr.) You failed

Alarm clock

(n.) mental torture device