The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

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Cell phone

(noun):  a portable communication device for use in a cellular system for the following reasons: 48.5% social media, 21.7% texting, 6.2% awkward situation avoider, 3.2% flashlight, and 0.1% actually calling people


interj. (1) Casual way of saying hi; (2) used to call attention or to express surprise or joy depending on your level of enthusiasm and/or alcohol content in your blood.


(n.) Biological existence. Available for a limited time only. Limit one (1) per person. Provided “as is” and without warranties. Nontransferable and is the sole responsibility of the recipient. May incur damages from misuse. Additional parts sold separately. Your mileage may vary. Subject to all applicable fees and taxes. Terms and conditions may apply.


(n.) Having fun with playing with the opposite of the opposite read more [....]

Shit happens

(idiom) (1) bad things happen as part of life and cannot be prevented; (2) applicable to all cultures: read more [....]

Animal Rights

A modern concept, which applies only to animals with the following characteristics: rare, pretty, big, cute, furry, huggable, or lovable. Animals with Rights: Cats, Dogs, Dolphins, Whales, Cute bunnies, Panda Animals without Rights: Cockroaches, flies, sharks, tuna in tuna nets, scorpions, ants


(n.) a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence


Sensitive creatures, who are mostly young, entitled, superficial, delicate, ignorant, and self-righteous. They’re offended easily, their feelings are hurt constantly, and they melt instantly. 

Abridged Collection of Interdisciplinary Laws

Collection of modern proverbs. The collection started in 1974, when Conrad Schneiker first typed in Murphy's Laws to explore the workings of a new computer at the University of Arizona Computing Center. read more [....]

Economic system

An organized method by which countries, governments, and corporations distribute resources and trade goods and services. read more [....]


I’ll write the definition later


(n.) (1) Living like there’s no tomorrow; (2) not feeling guilty about anything. Also see, YOLO


A mental illness, often suffered by college students , who believe that anything and everything is offensive. Also see snowflakes

A fact of life

(n.) something that must be accepted as true, even if it's unpleasant: read more [....]


(n.): A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary