The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

Sarcasm Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary, written by YOU. Define a word, describe a concept, talk about a personality, or a current event, and submit.

Ground beef

(n.) cow with no legs

Pizza delivery driver

(n.) a great job for somebody whom no one is disappointed to see


(n.) Something fake people have to maintain whereas real people don’t give a shit


(n.) a terrorist attack in the Middle East


(n.) Small people whose ability to get into more trouble should never be underestimated

IT Person

(n.) A technician who repeatedly fixes what you repeatedly break


(n.) Something two can keep if one of them is dead



Chicago Bears

(n.) An NFL team who’s making other teams look good since 1986


(n.) The noise you don’t make while eating soup

Light bulb jokes

(phr.) The opportunity to offend anybody you don’t like


(n.) A customer who doesn't ask prices


(n.) A long, limber bone which connects your head to your ass

Netflix & Chill

(phr.) Getting together and hooking up

Durable Goods

(n.) Things you buy that last longer than the payments