The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

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(n.) Where people work hard to get a job and do nothing after they get it

Average Person

(n.) One who thinks someone else is the average person


(n.) A state which will be 2 billion years tidal wave free

Pizza Delivery Boy

(n.) One who goes to strange people's houses and takes their money


(n.) Undocumented Shopper


n.( ɡēk): (1) someone who understands, creates and fixes really cool stuff; (2) the person you teased in school that ends up signing your paychecks. Often confused with Nerds but they are better than them. In fact, Geeks at the top of the (Geek/Nerd/Dork) GND hierarchy. See Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page.


(abbr.): (1) You Only Live Once; (2) Stupidity justification method


(noun): unjust self-esteem reducer


(n.) a temporary insanity curable by marriage

Illegal immigrant

(n.) a person who smuggles to a country illegally and immediately becomes unauthorized, unconstitutional, unlawful, unwarranted, illegitimate, illicit, outlawed, prohibited, indictable, deplorable, unrighteous, prosecutable, wrongful, felonious, and criminal. Other than that, they are just undocumented aliens.


Another one letter word by millennials. It's a replacement for pretty (as in "I'm p excited") and will show up in your next text conversation read more [....]

I’m ugly

(phr.) I know I'm pretty, just need additional confirmation


(n.) Anyone but white, male, straight, hardworking, educated, competent, civilized, and smart.