(n.) Adult’s version of play-doh to build cheap houses


(n.) Revenge of the Ugly Girls read more [....]


(n.) A born quality which helps you to get the best table in a busy restaurant.


(n.) a bad copy of Mussolini’s Black Shirts (see neo-fascism)


(v.) Setting your childhood punishments as your primary goals and New Year resolutions 1. Going to bed early 2. Not leaving my house 3. Not going to a party 4. Not eating junk


(abbr.) Anti-White Civil Liberties Union


(n.) a person who passionately believes to a cause until they get rich


(adj.) an adjective with relative meaning to define success of a person unless he’s republican. If a democrat acts aggressively, he’s assertive. For anyone else, it’s offensive.


(n.) a stage in your life where you go to bed when you don’t want to and getting up early in the morning when you don’t want to.


(adj.) an adjective women use to describe babies, puppies, kittens, and the men they don't want to sleep with


(n.) “The most important thing in art is The Frame. For painting: literally; for other arts: figuratively-- because, without this humble appliance, you can't know where The Art stops and The Real World begins. You have to put a 'box' around it because otherwise, what is that shit on the wall?” read more [....]

American Liberalism

(n.) Political and self-declared moral philosophy based on ignorance, incompetence, intolerance, name-calling, hate, and violence (See neo-fascism)

Affirmative Action

(n.) Your government’s mandate to prefer Incompetence over Competence


(n.) A chemical substance which makes you strong, funny, and creative

Airplane seat

(n.) a place which is less comfortable to sleep on than the following competitors: A rock A barbed-wired fence A volcano