(n.) Public transportation device for weirdos, felons, section-8 inhabitants, druggies, and illegal immigrants

Barack Obama

(n.) Black Bush W.


(n.) US economic system, especially in Technology, Energy, Real Estate, Equities, Bonds, Banking, Health Care, Staples, Food, and other 25 sectors.



Black Lives Matter

(n.) an activism which only surfaces when a black person is killed at confrontation with another person unless the other person is also black

Dream Boyfriend

(phr.) a relative description which changes from time to time Ages 10-13: Guy with hair resembling lead singer Ages 17-23: Guy who plays in a band Ages 30+: Guy who text you back

Body Language

(phr.) the ability to drive someone crazy without saying a word

Black people

Entitled-Americans wit attitude and victim card


Fighting with the guy sitting next to you on the plane for the arm rest and also trying not to touch him

Not Bad

(phr.) backhanded compliment for someone who sucks but cannot do any better

Bless your heart

(phr.) you're dumb or otherwise impaired, but you can't help it

Beautiful inside and out

Something you write on someone’s posted picture while thinking she’s an ugly, obnoxious bitch


(n.) A day to celebrate that you haven't died in the last year


Calling someone ‘babe or baby’ while showing you can speak ghetto in the meantime