Dream Boyfriend

(phr.) a relative description which changes from time to time Ages 10-13: Guy with hair resembling lead singer Ages 17-23: Guy who plays in a band Ages 30+: Guy who text you back


(n.) Anything but white, male, straight, hardworking, educated, competent, civilized, and smart.


(n.) a governing system where the tail wags the dog

Donald Trump

President Toddler


(n.) a food group which is not meant to be shared

Do what you want?

You’ll pay for this later

Balance diet

(n.) Hamburger in one hand, hot-dog in the other

Democratic Party

Establishment’s Blue Team which has 90% similarity to the Red Team (establishment’s other team) Also see: Republican Party


(v.) a vertical expression of a horizontal desire

That’s Interesting, Dear

Are you still talking?

Don’t try this at home

(phr.) (1) A dangerous act that you can get hurt; (2) Try this at a friend’s house instead


n. (1) four-legged, domesticated mammal with full animal rights. Smarter than cats, less smarter than monkeys, elephants, and whales; (2) Best friend for the lonely people, and families with kids and SUV; (3) Number#1 pet in the U.S.


n.( dôrk): someone who is slow-witted and socially-inept, completely fails to get really cool stuff. If the dork is aware that they are a dork, then it’s funny. If not, then it’s painful to watch. Often confused with Nerd and Geek but they are not the same. Dorks are at the bottom of the  GND hierarchy.