(n.) Any short story which is funny with the correct delivery except for abortion jokes, since there’s no delivery

Justin Trudeau

(n.) Angela Merkel's Canadian girlfriend


(n.) Lower half of the international uniform of millennials


(n.) A place where you work just hard enough to avoid getting fired while getting paid just enough to avoid quitting

Joint Account

(n.) An account where one person does the depositing and the other the withdrawing – usually husband and wife

NY Jets

(n.) A football team New Yorkers like when NY Giants are not doing well in that season


(n.) A decision in your favor


(n.) A little human who makes little horses look big.


(n.) The art of filling the blank spaces between the adds


(n.) Someone who wishes for a big dick and become one instead

Jumping into leaves

(phr.) A fall tradition ruined by a single turd

4th of July

“You’re welcome.” –George Washington

Jail Break

(n.) Something you see when a bunch of black people are running down a hill