Blonde jokes

(phr.) Jokes short & simple enough for men to understand.

Joint Account

(n.) An account where one person does the depositing and the other the withdrawing – usually husband and wife


(n.) Something you keep for years and then throw away one day before you need it


(n.) A place where you work just hard enough to avoid getting fired while getting paid just enough to avoid quitting


(n.) Twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer


(n.) Lower half of the international uniform of millennials

4th of July

“You’re welcome.” –George Washington

Jail Break

(n.) Something you see when a bunch of black people are running down a hill

Justin Trudeau

(n.) Angela Merkel's Canadian girlfriend


(n.) Your jackass uncle


(n.) Any short story which is funny with the correct delivery except for abortion jokes, since there’s no delivery

Jewish mother

(phr.) The person who appreciates nothing and regrets everything

Jumping into leaves

(phr.) A fall tradition ruined by a single turd