(n.) Someone who wishes for a big dick and become one instead

Jumping into leaves

(phr.) A fall tradition ruined by a single turd


(n.) Any short story which is funny with the correct delivery except for abortion jokes, since there’s no delivery

Jail Break

(n.) Something you see when a bunch of black people are running down a hill


(n.) Something you keep for years and then throw away one day before you need it


(n.) Twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer

Blonde jokes

(phr.) Jokes short & simple enough for men to understand.

John McCain

(n.) darling of the mainstream media such as NYT, WaPo, CNN, et al. until the day he became the GOP candidate for president. Then, almost overnight, he became an angry, unstable, vindictive warmonger with no executive experience and completely bereft of the temperament needed to be president. Then, almost overnight again, he became darling war hero once he was opposed to Trump

The Job Paradox

Venn diagram


(n.) Modern day voluntary slavery with a paycheck

Jesus Christ


James LeBron

(n.) A low IQ basketball player and a reverse role model for black youth for his incompetent mastery of education, language, grammar, and intellectual thoughts

Jewish mother

(phr.) The person who appreciates nothing and regrets everything


(n.) Your jackass uncle

4th of July

“You’re welcome.” –George Washington