Middle Age

(n.) That time of life when you'd rather not have a good time than recover from it


(n.) A man who puts up the storm windows the first time his wife suggests it

Nancy Pelosi



(n.) The report of the same thing happening today that happened yesterday, but to different people

Not Bad

(phr.) backhanded compliment for someone who sucks but cannot do any better

No offense

(phr.) I just did or about to insult you


(adj.) Someone who names his WiFi as “FBI Surveillance Van”


(n.) a government organization that actually listens to you

New York

(n.) One city state: New York City & the rest


(n.) A place where a bunch of white guys sit on a bench


(n.) Democratic Party’s user manual (see Antifa)

North Dakota

(n.) a state which is protecting South Dakota from Canada


n.( nərd): (1) someone who’s IQ exceed his/her weight. Single-minded, obsessive, and socially inept but understands and collect really cool stuff; Often confused with Geek and Dork but they are different. Nerds are at the middle of the (Geek/Nerd/Dork) GND hierarchy.

Niagara Falls

(n.) The bride’s second great disappointment.

Geek vs. Nerd vs. Dork

See the Venn Diagram