Not Bad

(phr.) backhanded compliment for someone who sucks but cannot do any better

No offense

(phr.) I just did or about to insult you


(adj.) Someone who names his WiFi as “FBI Surveillance Van”


(n.) a government organization that actually listens to you

New York

(n.) One city state: New York City & the rest


(n.) A place where a bunch of white guys sit on a bench


(n.) Democratic Party’s user manual (see Antifa)

North Dakota

(n.) a state which is protecting South Dakota from Canada


n.( nərd): (1) someone who’s IQ exceed his/her weight. Single-minded, obsessive, and socially inept but understands and collect really cool stuff; Often confused with Geek and Dork but they are different. Nerds are at the middle of the (Geek/Nerd/Dork) GND hierarchy.

Niagara Falls

(n.) The bride’s second great disappointment.

Geek vs. Nerd vs. Dork

See the Venn Diagram

North Caroline

(n.) a U.S. state that is slowly joining civilization


Something you tell everyone not to tell anyone

NY Jets

(n.) A football team New Yorkers like when NY Giants are not doing well in that season

Classic novel

(n.) A book which people praise, but seldom read.