(n.) getting up early in the morning

Winter Olympics

(n.) A competition where white people win at sports no one else can afford to learn

What did I do this time?

(phr.) What did you catch me at?"


(n.) Onion like device which makes you cry when you open it


(n.) Collection of incomplete class projects of high school students

We need to work on this

(n.) You will work on this


(n.) a northern state where it’s too cold to be sober

We need

I want

We need to be lean and mean

(phr.) Do NOT ask for vacation time!

Watch for children

(phr.) A Fair Trade Sign

We need to talk

I need to complain

Weekend in College

Venn diagram

Waterproof mascara

(n.) A make-up device that comes off if you cry, shower, or swim, but not when you try to remove it

White People

(n.) The only race you can legally discriminate against.

Working hard

(phr.) Hardly working