We need

I want


(n.) A woman who knows her husband’s whereabouts at all times

We need to be lean and mean

(phr.) Do NOT ask for vacation time!

We’ll see

(phr.) Let's wait until you forget all about it

Watch for children

(phr.) A Fair Trade Sign

We need to talk

I need to complain


(n.) control+alt+del

Weekend in College

Venn diagram

Wine Connoisseur

(n.) Alcoholic

Waterproof mascara

(n.) A make-up device that comes off if you cry, shower, or swim, but not when you try to remove it

White People

(n.) The only race you can legally discriminate against.


(n.) A western state filled with trees, weed, rain, and coffee

Working hard

(phr.) Hardly working

Window Screen

(n.) A device for keeping flies in the house


(n.) Bird version of American Left: Destructive, Unproductive, and Federally Protected