World War-II

(n.) World War-I … Version 2.0

World Cup

(n.) An international soccer tournament, where 50% of the countries come from Europe and 75% of players come from Africa.

White Privilege

(phr.) Society's preference for someone who is being polite and civilized, showing emotional restraint, working hard, being educated, speaking properly and articulately, being goal-oriented, listening to classical music, making positive life decisions, such as not being associated with thugs and gangstas, not getting in trouble with the law, not being violent, loud and obnoxious, not promoting destructive and ignorant behavior, not failing in school, and not playing the race card.

White People

(n.) The only race you can legally discriminate against.


(n.) getting up early in the morning


(n.) Collection of incomplete class projects of high school students

We need to talk

I need to complain

We need

I want

Wall Street

the reason why we have middle fingers


(n.) a funeral where you smell your own flowers